Thursday, November 9, 2017

Help Save The Photo Content At This Site!

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This is James Sawyer... I run a few pop-culture websites/blogs online. Some of the more popular ones are:

For years, I have ran all of these sites out of my own pocket- Registration fees, hosting fees, content fees- I have covered them all without resorting to ads or fundraising. I want the sites to be a fully engaging experience, free from pop-ups and the feeling that I am profiting from your enjoyment in some way.

Photobucket is seeking to change this. I started with Photobucket years ago when it was the "big" photo hosting site. I needed a place to host all of the photo content for the different blogs, and at the time Photobucket was the best option for this. Still, I have never been a freeloader account- I have paid them a monthly fee for years in order to handle the bandwith for all my sites (the biggest one being With over 15000 photos stored there, a paid account was the right thing to do.

...But yesterday they sent me an e-mail letting me know my plan was going away, and the only option that now works for me is paying $400 for another year of service. Or I have 30 days to go elsewhere (but of course they won't let me just download the photos I have stored there).

That leaves me with 3 options. 1.) Find all my original files, re-upload them somewhere else, then update every single post at multiple sites in 30 days. 2.) Just throw in the towel and shut all the sites down. 3.) Pay the $400 and buy myself a year to do option 1.

None of those are great. None are what I want to do. I honestly am not sure what I am going to do at this point. I highly doubt I would have the time to devote to doing such a huge task of transferring services in the next 30 days, so I would be looking at downtime for the sites until I have time to do this work... and I have a feeling once they are down, the motivation for me to get them back up will slack off (life has a way of keeping you busy). I guess the $400 option is the best one for the life of the sites, as a year is probably enough time to get them all updated seamlessly. But man... $400 a month before Christmas hurts. A lot.

So I posted this message at a few of my Facebook fan pages... and some folks suggested I look toward crowdfunding to offset the cost.

Now I really dislike doing this... but with the only option being major downtime for the sites, I am asking that anyone who has enjoyed the sites and has the extra funds that they wish to donate, please do so. If you don't, that is fine too. I won't just let the sites die regardless. It may just be that they have to go away for awhile.

The goal I am setting for this is enough to cover the photobucket fee to keep the sites as-is for a year (plus a little extra to hopefully cover all the fees GoFundMe will take). This will hopefully buy me enough time to get through the arduous task of migrating all the photos (if photobucket frees them up) to a new hosting site and updating all the posts. If for some reason that does not work... Well, at least this will buy one more year of life for all that exisitng content.

Thanks to anyone who read all this. Even if you don't donate, I appreciate that... and I would appreciate it if you shared this. Not so much to get more backers- But to spread the word on what Photobucket is doing to its paying customers. :(

Donate or use the links to share the GoFundME here: Paying Photobucket To Preserve Picture Content

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Magazine Article:
Action Films Fall 1990 Issue

The Fall 1990 issue of Action Films magazine brings us this awesome article revealing what life was like for the performers inside those awesome Turtle suits...

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 photo aftmnt2_zpsejan6yo5.jpg

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 photo aftmnt6_zps528jqbwb.jpg

 photo aftmnt7_zpsvqudfzvx.jpg

 photo aftmnt8_zps3cojga6w.jpg

 photo aftmnt9_zpstllpucxv.jpg

 photo aftmnt10_zpscmbfx71i.jpg

 photo aftmnt11_zps7wvhfiaw.jpg

 photo aftmnt12_zpszdirdych.jpg

 photo aftmnt13_zpsrvo6ytco.jpg

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Magazine Article:
March 1990

This article from the March 1990 issue of Cinefantastique gives a nice little back story on how the Turtles made the jump to the big screen...

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 photo 002_zpsqtzwolps.jpg

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Magazine Article:
April 16, 1990

Today's post features a short article from People magazine introducing the Turtle's leading lady Judith Hoag to readers around the world! Enjoy!

 photo people4161990a_zpsuzisntba.jpg

 photo people4161990b_zpslxjjk152.jpg

 photo people4161990c_zpsqsojubjf.jpg

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Special Feature:
Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Today's post features a great collection of behind-the-scenes footage from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. These scenes were included sporadically on the new "Turtle Power" documentary as brief clips and picture-in-picture shot. I have cropped them as best as I can for full screen viewing. I also removed the documentary audio and replaced it with some of the film score.

No rights are implied with this video, and I HIGHLY recommend watching the entire "Turtle Power" documentary that this clip originates from!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Magazine Article:
March 1990

Today's post features a FANTASTIC article from the March '90 issue of Prevue magazine! Not only do we get to tag along with Eastman & Laird during their infamous set visit, but there is also a full rundown on how the film came to be. Enjoy!

 photo prevue1_zpss939zlfw.jpg

 photo prevue2_zpsx9hbqptc.jpg

 photo prevue3_zpsirs5rkii.jpg

 photo prevue4_zpskelrxuow.jpg

 photo prevue5_zps9dph3cxf.jpg

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 photo prevue7_zpso3woin4w.jpg

 photo prevue8_zpsl4utnji6.jpg

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Magazine Article:
Black Belt Magazine Presents
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Fall 1991

In the later half of 1991, Black Belt Magazine published this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles special issue. The target audience for the magazine was obviously children and a large portion of the content focuses on the second Ninja Turtles film... But there was just enough tidbits from the first film included that I felt it was worth including the entire special here. Enjoy!

 photo bbturtles1_zpsmp3zksl5.jpg

 photo bbturtles2_zpsngo21zdp.jpg

 photo bbturtles3_zps5cwndqtn.jpg

 photo bbturtles4_zpsfcznihjk.jpg

 photo bbturtles5_zps1mvfks4w.jpg

 photo bbturtles6_zpsakqkzsfl.jpg

 photo bbturtles7_zpsigbog8st.jpg

 photo bbturtles8_zpslwdxhfpc.jpg

 photo bbturtles9_zpsdrwzwjqc.jpg

 photo bbturtles10_zpszxkq3gak.jpg

 photo bbturtles11_zpsxwegzhkg.jpg

 photo bbturtles12_zpsjlemyjcd.jpg

 photo bbturtles13_zpsptupqpop.jpg

 photo bbturtles14_zpstnjbnx0h.jpg

 photo bbturtles15_zpskc6b6lvx.jpg

 photo bbturtles16_zpsfcbl346p.jpg

 photo bbturtles17_zpsoesesw7f.jpg

 photo bbturtles18_zpsq7jvpll6.jpg

 photo bbturtles19_zpsi4cddhtj.jpg

 photo bbturtles20_zpswax2jlju.jpg

 photo bbturtles21_zpsjko0f2vs.jpg

 photo bbturtles22_zpst4fqoguo.jpg

 photo bbturtles23_zps9rgmyydn.jpg

 photo bbturtles24_zpsu9ytfyoo.jpg

 photo bbturtles25_zpsbjvk6hma.jpg

 photo bbturtles26_zpsuhjcxce4.jpg

 photo bbturtles27_zps85t9lbjh.jpg

 photo bbturtles28_zpsdsoon3ld.jpg

 photo bbturtles29_zpsshrfy6ho.jpg

 photo bbturtles30_zpsedshbikg.jpg

 photo bbturtles31_zpsrzreurik.jpg

 photo bbturtles32_zpsmddctk6c.jpg

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 photo bbturtles34_zpszlznhhxp.jpg

 photo bbturtles35_zpsy8amtqlb.jpg

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 photo bbturtles60_zpswnhmnjkq.jpg

 photo bbturtles61_zpsopiy0e9r.jpg

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 photo bbturtles63_zpsiioqhclj.jpg

 photo bbturtles64_zpsjraxpfk2.jpg

 photo bbturtles65_zpsijdxdsi8.jpg

 photo bbturtles66_zpsmmytucyq.jpg

 photo bbturtles67_zpsj5jqkeks.jpg

 photo bbturtles68_zps1v4nvb9f.jpg