Thursday, January 19, 2017

Magazine Article:
Action Films Fall 1990 Issue

The Fall 1990 issue of Action Films magazine brings us this awesome article revealing what life was like for the performers inside those awesome Turtle suits...

 photo aftmnt1_zpsghdeynj0.jpg

 photo aftmnt2_zpsejan6yo5.jpg

 photo aftmnt3_zpsoinmhba2.jpg

 photo aftmnt4_zpsqgmfdxa1.jpg

 photo aftmnt5_zpsurossjxy.jpg

 photo aftmnt6_zps528jqbwb.jpg

 photo aftmnt7_zpsvqudfzvx.jpg

 photo aftmnt8_zps3cojga6w.jpg

 photo aftmnt9_zpstllpucxv.jpg

 photo aftmnt10_zpscmbfx71i.jpg

 photo aftmnt11_zps7wvhfiaw.jpg

 photo aftmnt12_zpszdirdych.jpg

 photo aftmnt13_zpsrvo6ytco.jpg

 photo aftmnt14_zps8dntdmgt.jpg


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